Sunday 6th April

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but it’s because every time I’ve travelled recently I’ve had someone I know with me which has been a good distraction from my anxiety.

Today I’m getting the bus to work and I’m on my own and my blog will be helping distract me on my journey today, especially as my stomach has been playing up murder this morning!

I managed to run out of my house rather than thinking about leaving I just kind of went for it which I think helped, not getting myself worked up about leaving my safety zone.

I had a late work night on Thursday, I worked until 4am and my managers husband gave me a lift home, I was trying so hard not to be sick. I found it quite strange as I’ve never felt sick through anxiety, maybe it was due to the energy drink I’d had to keep me awake at work. I managed to control it with heavy breathing, poor man must have wondered what the hell was wrong with me! But seeing as it was the first time I’d met him I wasn’t about to tell him all about my life problems!!

Today I’m going to push my anxiety. Sunday buses in my area are a pain. They only run every hour. I have to be in work for 12, but the buses either arrive at 11:10 or 12:10 and seeing as I’ve been late so many times because of my anxiety, I’ve gone with the 11:10. This means I’ll have 50 minutes until I have to be in work, so I’m going to go shopping. I have some stuff I have to return, because due to anxiety I’d rather buy clothes and try them at home than spend hours in a changing room! So we will see how that goes, I figured a Sunday won’t be too busy, saying that the bus is quite packed. Problem is that in primark there’s only one till to do returns on, so if it’s busy I’m in trouble!

I’m nearly at my bus stop, I’m finding writing this blog to really help distract me.

One last thing, I’m going back to Spain in less than a month to work. It’s a 26 hour coach journey, I’m dreading it! But I’m hoping being in Spain will help solve my anxiety, it’s my second home and my favourite place. Fingers crossed!!



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